shell scripting for simple interest

Today we shall write the script to calculate the simple interest for given amount. We use the same traditional formula which we used in your childhood i.e is ptr/100. To calculate SI we need to need the data about principal amount,rate of interest and time period. Let us start the script

echo “Enter the principal amount:”
read p
echo “Enter the rate of interest:”
read r
echo “Enter time period”
read t
i = ` expr $p \* $t \* $r`
i = ` expr $i / 100 `
echo ” Hence interest is $i “


Enter the principal amount:1000
Enter the rate of interest:5
Enter the time period:2
Hence interest is:100


About Anuroop D

Very enthusiastic about technology and likes to share my knowledge through blogging. Has Bachelor's in Information Technology and currently pursuing my PhD in Computer Science.
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