Installing IDE (intelliJ) for Android


Before you get started you need to have an IDE installed as well as the JDK. If you have a mac the JDK will already be installed, however for windows its not.

1. Download intelliJ: you want to install the community edition, as this is the free one.

2. Downloading the JDK:

If you wanted to use another IDE this is possible there are many more available such as Eclipse and Netbeans. However I have chosen to use injelliJ because there are few tutorials on how to do android on it.

Once they have both downloaded and you have installed them open up intelliJ to get started.

1. This is the screen you will see upon opening. Click on Create a new project.


2. You will then be shown an another display box. This will enable you to set up that it is android. Choose Application Module 


3. Once…

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