C++ program to check whether given number is palindrome or not

This is a very simple program we need to be panic for this.A number is said to be palindrome if reversal of the number is equal to itself.For ex:141 is a palindrome number.To find the reverse of the number we need to get each digit of the given number.For this we shall use the number 10.By dividing the number by 10 we get the last digit as remainder and remaining digits as quotients.Now we shall write the code.

class palindrome
    int n,r,rev,temp;
    void check();
void palindrome :: check()
    if(rev == n)
      cout<<"Given number "<<n<<" is palindrome";
      cout<<"Given number "<<n<<" is not palindrome";
void main()
  palindrome ob;



You can download the code:download

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