Prime number program in C++

Today we shall learn how to write a program to find a number is Prime number or not.Before we start writing a program we should learn the basic definition.A number is said to be prime number if”It is divisible by one and itself only”.Therefore while deciding a prime number we should about the factors of the given number.

To find the factors of the given number we should divide the number.If the remainder is 0 then number is divisible and it is said to be the factor of the given number.Here we shall use the modulous operator(%) to find the remainder.Let us write the code:

class prime_number
  int n;
  void calculating();
void prime_number :: calculating()

    int flag=0,count=0;
    for(int i=2;i<n;i++)
       if(count !=0)
	cout<<"\nGiven number is divisible by"<<i;
    if(flag ==0)
     cout<<"\n******Given number "<<n<<" is a prime number*******";
    cout<<"\n********There fore given number "<<n<<" is not a prime number*********";
void main()
  prime_number ob;
  cout<<"Enter the number to check for prime number:";

You can download the code:download


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