Creating your first app page!


I’m going to create the first page using the palette which is on the left hand side of the IDE. 


Before you start it’s best to familiarise yourself with the properties which are in the palette. Find out which layout is best for the app you are creating, as each has their benefits and disadvantages. 

I will take you through the most commonly used ones and how to use them. 

1. First chose what layout you are going to use. In this case i’m going to use a “relative layout”. This will enable me to place textviews and textedits etc freely around the screen. 

2. Placing TextViews. Textviews are using for text which cannot be edited. They can be used to display titles or anything, however the text placed within them should be stored in the strings file. 

You should also update the id of the widget you have inserted…

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