Introduction to C

C is a programming language which is developed by Dennis Ritchie between the years 1963 and 1973.He developed this language in AT&T Bell Labs.Actually C got it’s name as a sequence to it’s parents versions.First Dennis Ritchie named it as A and B.After some updates he named it as C and is popular by that name.


Today we shall know about the files present in the C and about installing the C compiler for it. The files where meaning of all the keywords present in C are defined in Header files. There are large number of header files defined for C.We need to include them in our program according to usage of our program.Some of header files are used commonly in every program are given below:
1.stdio.h This header file contains the definition of all input/output keywords
2.conio.h This header file contains the definition of all console input and output.
3.math.h This header file contains the definition of all math function defined in C and used in C.
4.string.hThis header file contains the definition of ass string functions defined in C and used in C.
To use these header in our program we need to use the keyword #include.

    //Body of the program.

In this way we need to use them in our program.Now we shall go detail about body of program.The body of a program starts with defining a main method.A C program must contain the main function.For this we use the keyword main.Here we need to specify the return type of the main method.A return type can be of any one…!!!but from the below list only
There are lot of sub divisions among int,float,char…we shall learn them in next tutorial.Therefore a return can be anything.Let us consider return type as void.With this we have started writing a program.Now we need to start writing body of the program.Body of a program starts with opening of curly braces({) and body of the program ends with closing of curly braces(}).This is called as the structure of C program.

void main()
   // body of the program

In our next tutorial we shall learn about basic statements present in the C language……..Until then sailing off

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