Python Program to Find Factors of Numbers

I’m writing this post after a longggg gap of about 9th months. Today, we shall learn how to write a python program to find factors of given number. For this, we need to take  a number as input to the program. The input() function is used to get the number as a scanf()  statement which we use in C language.Since we are using input() function the input will be treated as string. Therefore, by using int() function we shall convert the string to int datatype.

int(input("Enter a number:"))

Now, we shall create a function and then try to find the factors of the given number. For, defining a function we need to use the keyword def and then write the name of the defining function and end the line with :. And then we can continue writing body of our function

def finding(var) :

Finding factors of a given number is easy. From 1 to n+1 we need to check which number divides the given number with zero remainder. For finding the remainder we use % operator.

# definig the function.
def finding(x):
	for i in range(1, x+1):
		if x % i == 0:
#Input from the user

num = int(input("\nEnter a number:"))
print("\nFactors of given number are:")


Click here to download the source code.


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